Château Gourran in its present architecture dates back to 1773. It was the domicile of the Baron of Capian at this time. Wine production at Château Gourran dates back before 1855.


Château Gourran has been Danish owned since 1989 and today the wines are produced by the Danish family-owned company SCEA Vignoble Gourran.


2008 is the first harvest year under the responsibility of SCEA Vignoble Gourran.

Who are we?

Christine Chaminade
Production manager, Chef de Culture & Oenologist


Peter Find Andersen
Maitre de Chai


Jean-Jacques Chatrix


Tine Malle Andersen
Co-owner & board member


Peter Find Andersen
Co-owner & manager

Mission & Values

We produce wines of high quality from the wines of Château Gourran, through knowledge, experience, modern equipment and dedicated work.


We acknowledge sustainable methods of production and strive to implement these with respect to the limits of the Appellation Côtes de Bordeaux.


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